Divine Feminine Movement is a safe and sacred space for women to reconnect to their bodies, inner wisdom and the unseen world for self and universal healing. More than just a physical practice, the words of Divine Feminine Movement are asking for a larger social movement in which we connect with the energy of this wisdom that has been buried underground for far too long. We are asked to be fierce, powerful and strong, as well as nurturing, compassionate and caring, as we build a new sustainable world for generations to come. From thousands of years of male dominance, oppression, and destruction, we are asked now to bring in the wisdom of the earth and other allies to deeply listen to how we can bring greater light and healing to this planet— within ourselves, within our communities and within ALL relationships. 

Each gathering will hold a maximum of 10 women who will share, move, release, renew and expand to be of greater service. Through a guided movement journey, you will be able to quiet the cognitive mind and re-member how to feel and heal as your natural design. Taught by movement educator and somatic psychotherapist, this offering works to clear physical and emotional blockages while embodying new ways of being in the world. All bodies are welcome and honored, taking the movement suggestions at your personal intensity level. 

Jodi Schwartz-Levy, PhD, LPC is a somatic psychologist that has been dancing since childhood. Her deep connection to movement as a process of engaging and working with the energy body for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health has been the cornerstone of her life. Her many years of studying countless movement forms, from traditional dance to somatic movement and NIA, and later developing the work of Soma Dance and most recently Movement Lab; is once again rebirthing with less of a "form" and more of a process for holding space and healing for others.  In this most recent rendition, it is not her PhD, or decades of movement training that is leading the way, but her intuition and connection to source. Through deep listening and quieting of the cognitive mind, Jodi continues to find an abundance of light and information for healing our planet.  It is through this deep listening that Divine Feminine Movement was given to her to help women heal themselves and thus the larger community. 

Fall 2018 Schedule
Sept 16, 4-5:30pm
Oct 21, 4-5:30pm
Nov. 4, 4-5:30pm

Limited to 10 Women per Group

Interested in Movement Exploration? Let us know! *
Interested in Movement Exploration? Let us know!