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Radiant Lotus Women's Qi-gong

October 3, 2016 - December 12, 2016, 10 weeks $145, $20 drop in

Mondays 6-7PM (Appropriate for Women Only/Ranging from mature Adolescents to Seniors) To reserve your spot:

This Internal Art program is based in the Taoist Arts is specifically designed to empower women to practice ancient self-health care techniques. The fundamental elements of the practice consist of movement techniques and breath exercises that have the capacity to help practitioners realize healing potential and to reach optimal levels of health. The essential difference between RLWQ and other styles of Qigong is that it’s practiced and taught by women for women. RLWQ can increase oxygen levels in the blood, physical balance, mental focus & emotional health, awareness, while uplifting mood and joy for life. RLWQ can support the release of blocked emotions & stagnant energy patterns. RLWQ can treat uterine cysts, period pains, breast tenderness, menopausal discomfort, etc. Plan to practice in comfortable clothing, seated/standing postures are offered, wear bare-feet or bring flat-soled “inside shoes!”

About the Instructor...
Gabrielle de Burke is an experienced Practitioner & Certified Instructor of the Internal Arts of Taoist & Vinyasa Yoga, Radiant Lotus Women’s Qi-gong… In addition to her training certifications in Lin-Zi Medical Chi-kung, Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, Animal Kung-fu & more. Gabrielle’s work as a healing arts practitioner & instructor continues to intersect with her work as an inter-disciplinary performance artist through the incorporation of Internal and Martial Arts forms in combination with Dance, Spoken Word/Poetry, Theater & Music presentation.

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