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Equinox Despacho Ceremony


With Meghan Dwyer
$5 Donation
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“All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.”  - Hopi elder

Once upon a time, when we were wild ones living in harmony with Mama Earth, we connected to her rhythms by following the wheel of the year. At the beginning of each cycle of the season, we’d give thanks for the gifts of the season passed and catch the flow of the coming season by gathering together in celebration.

Gather yourselves close to when summer meets fall and join Meghan to honor the next turn of the wheel with a despacho ceremony.  

A despacho is a tradition from the Q’ero Indians of the High Andes of Peru that could be described as a “prayer bundle”.  It is a living mandala of sorts, often created in community as an offering to Pachamama, their name for Mother Nature. The Q’ero see this as a vital practice for remaining in right relation with Pachamama; a visible sign of ayni, their guiding principle of sacred reciprocity.  They believe that whatever you give you receive, and whatever you receive you give.

If you feel called you can bring enough to share of any of the following: flowers, expired grains, beans, nuts, chocolate, candies or pieces of earth eg. pine needles, acorns, nuts, leaves.  **No we won’t be eating any of this, it’s for mama!