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JourneyDance™ for the Whole Family with Jade Groff

Using the JourneyDance™ flow of improvisational movement, imagination, play, ritual, and loving body awareness to rhythmic world music for children and parents. When we gather for conscious dance/movement we meet our whole self on the dance floor, healing happens, joy exudes and community forms. JourneyDance™ leads participants on a ritual journey of physical and emotional transformation using your natural intuitive movement. We activate imagination and utilize diverse forms of improvisational dance, yoga, ritual, and Shamanism to an inspiring soundtrack of world music, creating an ecstatic celebration of the human spirit. JourneyDance™ moves us through deep, personal exploration into a loving, intimate relationship with body, mind, and energy. JourneyDance™ is designed to cultivate deeper self love and awareness, radiant health and joy, and living embodied in truth.

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$10/child, $7 each additional child

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Open to all!