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Using Imagery to Enhance Rest & Work: Weaver's Way FREE Workshop

A lesser known fact, borrowed from dancers and elite athletes, is how we can enhance performance of any task by engaging an imaginal component to whatever action we are doing.  In this workshop we will learn about different types of imagery, their uses, and identify which sensory modalities are most prominent in our imaginal realm.  We will then practice the Constructive Rest Position as originally detailed with the imagery of dance choreographer, Lulu Sweigard, to foster a deep state of relaxation.  

When we give our bodies a chance to return to their natural posture and our minds a chance to unwind (especially during the busy Holiday season), we can restore moments of stillness.  Done on your own, this nourishing practice offers a gateway into any activity requiring special attention, or is perhaps confounding your best attempts at a solution.  While there are many ways to experience stillness, the use of creative imagery is an amazing tool for integrating cranial intelligence with intuitive wisdom. All sorts of possibilities come alive when we are cleared to learn and work in top form. 

About Elanah Naftali
Introduced to yoga and meditation practice at a young age, Elanah continued exploring imagery and body movement as sideline interests.  Meanwhile, her formal career as a Nutrition Researcher focused on diet and disease prevention.  Seminary studies prepared her to serve trauma survivors as an Interfaith Chaplain and hospice bereavement counseling inspired her to get licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist.  Elanah is adept at pulling skills and knowledge from her varied professions and lifelong experience in the movement arts into a cohesive whole supporting individuals with eating disorders, PTSD, anxiety and depression, sexual dysfunction and relationship challenges.  At her core, she values our relationship to our body as primary.