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Scent of Hope: Using the power of scent to craft a healing space for your clients (and you)

$56 (includes all materials)

This isn’t your typical aromatherapy class. Yes, you’ll definitely learn the essentials about essential oils. That’s our solid ground. Once you have a foundation, then you will be opening a relationship - an ongoing conversation - with essential oil plant allies who have as much interest in seeing you succeed as you do. 

This workshop is a space for healing arts practitioners who choose to live the compassionate balance of offering clients deeper support while taking good care of themselves, and being in olfactory bliss while they’re doing it. Previous experience with essential oils is helpful but not necessary. Keep in mind we will be working with essential oils. If you are very sensitive to strong scents, this isn’t the class for you.

Here’s what you will know by the end of the workshop:

  • Know when is the most helpful moment to offer scent during a session.
  • Understand when scent is not helpful.
  • Help clients choose a scent that supports their session goals.
  • Create signature blends to work with recurring client concerns.
  • Discern what scent(s) best support you as a practitioner.
  • Be clear how to responsibly use scent with all populations.
  • Choose scents and create a blend for yourself - hands-on experience!

Certified in Integrative Aromatherapy with 25+ years experience practicing and teaching, Tracie Nichols, MA, IAC  is a multipotentialed, highly sensitive, introvert. Being multipotentialed (also known as a Renaissance Soul) she has worn many, many career hats. Her current work in the world is as a speaker, facilitator, and career and leadership coach helping highly sensitive and multipotentialed people find meaningful work they love. You can find out more about Tracie and her work at