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Mindful Action- Weaver's Way Free First Thursdays

In this ‘new age’ many of us are left with fear and with fear comes reactivity. While feelings of fear are normal and necessary, we want to make sure that action steps are not made out of this place, as that can lead to an energetic crash and burn cycle. Before asking “What can I do?” we will look at what you NEED to feel resourced enough to make action steps that are sustainable. This workshop will focus on moving out of fear and reactivity and into grounding and clarity through somatic interventions (i.e. self-reflection, breath, mindfulness, movement, and sensory awareness). 

Space is limited, so please RSVP HERE.  FREE TO WEAVER'S WAY MEMBERS.

Jodi Schwartz-Levy, PhD, LPC is a somatic (body-oriented) psychologist and owner of Healing Arts Studio in Chestnut Hill. She is also the creator of Movement Lab, a mindful movement journey that blends yoga, dance & healing work for individuals and the larger community.