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Introduction to Authentic Relating and Circling

"We are each other's destiny." --Mary Oliver

Isolation, loneliness, fear, disembodiment, and reliance on technology at the expense of our humanity are rampant afflictions in our contemporary world. If we are going to carve out a path toward sustainability on this planet, it starts, very practically, with getting connected. This is an invitation to do just that. Although we tend to think of connection as something that simply "happens" (or doesn't), it is, in fact, a skill; it is something we can cultivate.

Authentic Relating Practices employ unique social exercises that foster personal awareness, greater empathy, emotional intelligence, relational capacity, and deep embodiment in service of greater collective freedom and radical connection. Circling is a specific relational meditation practice that falls under the umbrella of Authentic Relating. It is about dropping into "we" space by becoming exquisitely present-- to our bodies, to our emotions, to the shared field we create-- such that an organic intelligence arises and leads the way. Our job is merely to trust the alchemy of the process.

In this workshop we will play a series of Authentic Relating Games designed to begin building the skills necessary for Circling. We will culminate with a group Circle where participants get to taste the unique power of this profound interpersonal practice.

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$55 in advance and $60 at the door

Ashley King, M.S.Ed., Ed.M., LPC is a holistic and somatic psychotherapist with a private practice in Center City, Philadelphia. She is also a yoga and meditation teacher, coach, intuitive energy healer, and writer. Her passion lies in fostering authentic connection in an increasingly disconnected world. You can learn more at