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Mindful Eating: Nourishing Your Entire Being- Weaver's Way FREE Workshop

We've all done it...eating lunch at our desks, grabbing a quick bite in the car while racing to pick up kids, run errands or get to a meeting, or reaching for a sugary treat because we've had a rough day. Each bite we take is an opportunity for nourishment and with a more mindful approach we can not only improve how we eat, we can actually help our bodies absorb and assimilate the nutrients better. At this workshop, you'll learn the basic tenets of mindfulness and food, enabling you to identify eating triggers, tune into satiety cues and better understand emotional attachments to food. Join Functional Clinical Nutritionist Wendy Romig, MS for this though-provoking class. 

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About Wendy Romig

Wendy Romig, MS, CNS, LDN is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist specializing in Functional Nutrition and Herbalism. She sees clients for a wide range of health concerns through her practice Sage Integrative Health Center. For more information visit

Later Event: May 8
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