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Intro to Herbal Navigator - Section II

Intro to Herbal Navigator
with April Lea

Wednesday, June 28, 6:00-8:30pm

Join Owl School Philly for an introduction to the upcoming Herbal Navigator courses. Learn how herbal self-study can help you choose the right therapeutic herbs for you, life long! This introduction discusses the variety of herbal allies, how the naturally curious can research them simply and effectively, and how to begin to use these plants in your life. Discover local herbal resources, too. Of course, there will be tea. This one-night introduction is offered twice, for your convenience.

Cost: $30

To register, please email, including your name, telephone number, and night of preference.


Owl School Philly…
for the Naturally Curious

April Lea learned natural foods and herbal remedies in the wellness shop, alongside customers and practitioners like you. Over the years, the bookshelf revealed the secrets of the body and the earth, working together more gracefully than modern culture realized. Owl School Philly was created to empower the community to navigate natural foods and herbal remedies from the library and lab of our kitchens! Learning simple ways to study and experiment safely and effectively is a gift of the information age. Owl School Philly teaches how to draw the nourishment from the noise, so the empowerment offered by living closely with Earth is available to each one of us.

April also reads and teaches Western Astrology for all life situations. Find out more about astrological offerings and other courses at