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Liquid Body Movement, Massage & Self-Care

Learn the art and science of using touch, breath, movement and sound on the ground, mat, foam rollers and balls to facilitate natural healing. This whole bodymind workout blends myofascial release, massage, stretching, strengthening, pilates, yoga, qi gong and simple human movements that cultivate energy and enhance awareness in daily activities and rest. Play. Learn how and why to treat yourself. Release tension and myofascial restrictions. Unwind and elongate. Alleviate pain and stress. Improve posture, tissue health and hydration, adaptability, flexibility and strength.  Reclaim your body from the ground up and stand up taller on your own.  You'll feel like you've had a workout and a massage.   Bring your own mat, curiosity and openness.

Cost: $25

Emily Smith, BS, LMT is a certified Pilates instructor, has trained with John Barnes in Myofascial Release. Emily has a strong belief in the power of touch and movement and the role they play daily in the body’s ability to heal naturally.