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LiquidBody Lounge: Movement, Massage & Self-Care

Explore the art and science of using your body-mind, touch, movement and breath as medicine. This self-treatment/workout blends functional and simple human movement with the principles of John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release Approach, stretching, strengthening, pilates, yin yoga and qi gong. Connect mind, body, awareness and breath while using a variety of props including foam rollers, balls and yoga props for compression and decompression techniques to release fascial restrictions, tension and pain naturally, reclaim mobility, stability, balance, flexibility and strength. 
Cultivate energy and enhance awareness in daily activities in work, play and rest.  Change your posture, change your life. Do it yourself. You'll feel like you've had a workout and a treatment. All levels welcome. Please contact the instructor if you are unable to get up and down from the floor independently.

"Myofascial Release is the future of Health Care"- John F. Barnes

Health is wealth. We can all be rich. Self Myofascial Release is self care. Self care is everyday health care for every body. Self care is self love.

Myofascial Release and Self Myofascial Release treats and prevents chronic pain gently and naturally. Breath, touch, intention, movement and sound are medicine, only they heal even when you are not sick and are freely available to everybody, anytime, anywhere, everywhere. 

Emily Smith, BS, LMT is a certified Pilates instructor, has trained with John Barnes in Myofascial Release. Emily has a strong belief in the power of touch and movement and the role they play daily in the body’s ability to heal naturally.

Cost: $25