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Back to School Wellness: Tips for the whole family. Weaver's Way FREE Event

Come and learn tips for the whole family to stay well during this transitional time of year. From the perspectives of an Acupuncturist and a Chiropractor, we will share several ways to boost the immune system, support the body, and adapt to the new school year mentally, emotionally and physically.

Dr. Rachel Palikowski, the chiropractor will go into backpack safety, and optimal sitting posture in class and at home while doing homework, how to boost the immune system. She will also share a sequence of movements/exercises to do in between classes or during a break to assist a strong core and posturing. Of course all of these things are helpful for parents at work and at home as well.

Rachel Kriger, Licensed Pediatric & Adult Acupuncturist, will teach some basic meridian therapy massage to do on your kids daily to keep the immune system strong. She will also teach some massage you can use at the first signs of a cough or cold. And, last but not least, she will open a discussion of sharing tips for self care for parents because a healthier parent is so important to maintain a  healthier the child. 

Feel free to bring the kiddos of any ages along for this hands on workshop.