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Cost: $34

To register, contact Mt. Airy Learning Tree

Join us for a taste of mindfulness at this introductory workshop and begin to:

Tune into your needs and wants with the mindful process of KAR-ing and discern what is true about diets, weight, and health.

Resolve food & weight struggles and live life more fully

  • through mindful inquiry with Four Mindful Questions

  • with mindfulness practices, including gentle mindful movement

  • through discussions about women’s issues, body image concerns, and emotional eating struggles

Let go of “shoulds” and diet dictates, and more skillfully discern what is needed now and how much is enough, emotionally and physically

Determine and embody values-based self-care intentions to:

  • Recover from dieting and emotional eating

  • Repair body despair

  • Restore self-body-trust

  • Retain and enhance health and well-being

  • Rediscover what matters most to you

Amy Tuttle, RD, LCSW is a Self-Care Collaborator who offers mindful adventures in creativity, self-care, and self-acceptance to enhance health and well-being, create community, and generate joy-fullness.