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8-Week Mindful Self-Compassion Workshop

Ongoing, Mondays 6:00 - 8:45 PM through November 18 2019
Meditation Retreat on Saturday, November 2nd, 11am-3pm

Investment: $400 (some sliding scale spots available)
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With self-compassion we can motivate ourselves with encouragement, forgive ourselves when needed, face and befriend our shortcomings, care for others while caring for self, and live more authentically. Research shows that self-compassion is strongly associated with emotional well-being, lower levels of anxiety and depression, healthy habits such as diet and exercise, and more satisfying personal relationships.

Self-compassion is a skill that can be learned and cultivated by anyone through Mindful Self-Compassion training.

In this course, you will:

  • Practice mindfulness and self-compassion in daily life

  • Learn about the science of self-compassion

  • Learn how to handle difficult emotions with greater ease

  • Learn how to motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism

  • Learn how to transform challenging relationships, old and new

  • Learn tools to manage compassion fatigue

  • Practice the art of savoring and self-appreciation

  • Be able to teach simple self-compassion practices to others

This program is an eight-session, empirically-supported Mindful Self-Compassion training developed by Christopher Germer and Kristin Neff. MSC is an experiential journey — an adventure in self-discovery and self-kindness – offering periods of instruction and periods of practice.

Course includes 8 weekly sessions (2 ½ hours each), half-day retreat (November 2nd), Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook, and audio-recorded guided meditations.

Annie Allen, Ph.D., is a teacher and education researcher. She has taught on the faculty at the University of Rochester and the University of Colorado at Boulder and has been studying how youth and adults learn and develop for 20 years. She is a meditator and student of Buddhist psychology and has an enduring interest in the potential of love and wisdom to transform our lives, relationships, and communities. She was trained to teach Mindful Self-Compassion by Christopher Germer and senior teachers at the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion. See for more information.