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Sacred Essence Making in Nature

Cost: $40-50
Contact: Hannah McQuilkan at ,

This workshop connects you to the beauty and power of nature, guiding you step by step in creating your own Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing Essences. We learn a technique similar to what Dr Bach used with a whole lot more valuable insights and information added. Learn about how to use the sun and moon, crystals and intention to make powerful healing essences.

A glass bowl 
A glass jar 
Any special things you would like to add to your essence - crystals, plants etc.... 
Booking essential. Full refund available with 24 hours notice. Limited to 20 people.

This event will be held at the gorgeous Chestnut Hill Healing Arts Centre and Pastorius Park. 

Led by New Zealand based practitioner Hannah McQuilkan as part of her US tour. Hannah is a Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Energy Healer with 18 years experience in the wellness industry. Check out her Forest Therapy Experience on July 20th or book in for a private healing session. Hannah used to make and sell vibrational essences throughout NZ and will teach you how to make one for yourself, guided by nature.