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Mother / Daughter Monthly Workshop: Giving Hearts

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Moon and Thunder Monthly Mother and Daughter Events! 

Mothers connect with daughters (between the ages of 8-14-years-old) during Moon and Thunder's monthly gatherings. Feed the spirit, connect by heart, and care for the body and mind.

Following our Mother and Daughter Open House, a Mother writes - "I just wanted to thank you. Today was a gift. We've been struggling to have positive interactions and today was the sweetest for us. It was really special." - H. E. 

Saturday, December 9 - 5:30-7 Giving Hearts

Your heart. Come together and celebrate the heart. Our hearts gives to those we love, breaks in times of sadness, and holds compassion to help those we do not know. Our event begins with a heart meditation and leads into giving our attention to what we need, in order to give to others. In the season of giving, we shine a light on our hearts. You will learn about the benefits of herbal, medicinal teas, and blend your own mix of rose hips, hibiscus, and mint to give to yourself and someone you love.

Single events are $35 + $10 supplies fee. The total for mother and daughter is $45. More than one child, + $12. These are limited space events. You must register. Payment is due at time of registration, or up to 2 weeks prior to event date. Cancellation up to one-week prior, you may use the fee towards a future event. 

Registration for Mother and Daughter Events is Open.  You must register in advance for Mother and Daughter events. It's important to have an accurate headcount for supplies and materials needed. Space is lovingly limited. Thank you!

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