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Taming Chronic Headaches: Weavers Way Workshop


Cost: $5 registration fee, which will be donated to The School Mindfulness Project.
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Chronic headaches seem to be growing more and more widespread in our busy culture. Their impact ranges from irritating to debilitating and can severely interrupt people’s lives and livelihoods. From a holistic perspective there are simple and easy techniques that can help reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of many types of headaches. Join us for an informative evening of discussion of strategies for minimizing stress and boosting life force energy for the prevention of this all-too-common malady. 

This workshop will be led by Pamela Hipp, a local licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master Teacher. Pamela is a long-time practitioner of stress management as alternative, holistic health care and is passionate about using self-care as a means of cultivating the optimal health available to each and every one of us. She has been helping clients lessen and prevent headaches for 15 years, and is looking forward to sharing some of the wisdom she has gathered in that time.  

You can learn more about Pamela's practice at