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Moon & Thunder Mother Daughter Monthly Events: Cool Earth, Seeds and Taking Root


March is a reminder to let-go of impatience, while we plant seeds indoors and wait to play more outdoors. Patience is one of the most difficult things to learn. Especially in a world where everything we want to know and learn is at the tip of our fingertips at all times. Let’s wind into patience. Breathe into the brown tones of March. Root, so you can sprout with a clear mind and healthy heart when the warmth of the sun returns. Watercolor painting to music and planting seeds (vegetable and/or flowers) to take home, you will leave with a reminder of inner and out color and new growth. We will end with a grounding and rooting postures and Shavasana.  

Single events are $17.50 + $5 supplies fee per person. The total for mother and daughter is $45. More than one child + $12. These are limited space events. You must register.