Jodi Schwartz-Levy has been dancing since childhood. Her deep connection to movement as a process of engaging and working with the energy body for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health has been the cornerstone of her life. Her many years of studying countless movement forms, from traditional dance to somatic movement and NIA, and later developing the work of Soma Dance and most recently Movement Lab; is once again rebirthing with less of a "form" and more of a process of holding space and healing for others. In this most recent rendition, it is not her PhD, or decades of movement training that is leading the way, but her intuition and connection to source. Through deep listening and quieting of the cognitive mind, Jodi continues to find an abundance of light and guidance for living. This process is about a deep listening to the body as well as to higher parts of the self that can not be realized when we are stuck in the busy mind. Despite her mind urging her to create more forms of movement that people can follow, her deep listening has guided her to learn that people need more space and exploration to build a true relationship with their bodies and higher selves. Jodi offers workshops that help people LISTEN, SENSE & MOVE as their fundamental medicine. 

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Interested in Movement Exploration? Let us know!