Jodi Schwartz-Levy, PhD, LPC, is the founder of Healing Arts Studio, LLC. She offers somatic psychotherapy, movement classes and LPC supervision. 

She created Healing Arts Studio to offer the eclectic modalities that she practices within her psychotherapy practice in an aesthetically inspiring space.  Dr. Schwartz-Levy received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a Specialization in Somatic Psychology from The Santa Barbara Graduate Institute in 2009. She is one of a distinguished group of psychologists worldwide in the pioneering field of somatic psychology—making her an expert in integrative health. 

Somatic Psychotherapy

In private practice for over a decade, Dr. Schwartz-Levy’s specialties include sexual and physical abuse, trauma, eating disorders/body image issues, psychosomatic illnesses, and mood disorders. In her integrative approach, she has synthesized the tools, techniques, and philosophies of modern, ancient and pioneering fields. 

In her effort to facilitate the most optimal healing, she blends the worlds of clinical psychology, somatic interventions, energy work, movement, sound healing, intuitive work, meditation, cognitive re-patterning, and other tools which are all rooted within a compassionate therapeutic relationship. Her life-long dedication to deepening her understanding of healing enables her to integrate psychological, emotional, energetic, spiritual and somatic interventions into her work as a clinician and an educator.

Teaching and Clinical Experience 

From 2009- 2015, Dr. Schwartz-Levy taught at Arcadia University's graduate psychology program.  She served on the admissions committee, as an advisor, and taught the following courses: Holistic Healing from Around the World, Group Counseling, Internship Seminar and Addictive Behaviors.  She continues to supervise LPC candidates and other mental health professionals seeking a more holistic approach. 

While the majority of her work has been in private practice, Dr. Schwartz-Levy has also worked at The Renfrew Center, where she did her doctoral dissertation, as well as Women Against Abuse, giving her special sensitivity to eating disorders and domestic violence issues. 


Dr. Schwartz-Levy has been dancing since childhood. It was and always has been her bliss, her medicine and her love. She has studied countless movement forms, from traditional dance styles to somatic movement to being the first Nia teacher in Pennsylvania in 1998. Her lifelong quest has been to create classes that are non intimidating and accessible to as many people as possible while sharing the gift of movement for holistic healing.

Additional Training 

A certified massage therapist and somatic educator from Moving on Center in Oakland, CA, Dr. Schwartz-Levy is trained in Swedish massage, Thai bodywork and several forms of energy healing (Reiki II, Magnified Energy Healing, Igili and Integrated Energy Therapies). A trained birth doula, she also served as a childbirth coach and advocate.  

Marriage and Parenthood

Married since 2003, with 2 children 13 months apart, her home life has taught her a great deal on how to work on creating the most optimal partnership with her husband, as well as how to be the best parent she can be. Through a great deal of her own personal work, she offers couples therapy with her individual clients and their partners to strengthen their communication, intimacy and emotional safety. She also understands first hand the demands of parenthood while finding balance as a working mother.  

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